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The project business is about reliable solutions meeting customer expectations in both ways: technical and economical. In cooperation with our partners we are able to satisfy these needs.



We create innovation by connecting customers seeking for new solutions with companies continuously developing their technical products. Our strength is bringing both sides together.



rovi is a small, flexible and highly motivated team focused on your project. Our goal is  contributing to a successful project implementation with our professional expertise and personal commitment.




2017/12/15 - Thöni dry fermentation for site in Bohmte-Hunteburg (GER)

The Company K.R.O from Osnabrück (GER) orders a dry fermentation plant with a net volume of 1,300 m³ from Thöni. Since 1995 K.R.O is composting on the site in Bohmte-Hunteburg. The integration of the dry fermentation into the new overall concept enables the production of bioenergy in future in addition to certified compost. The existing heat concept with micro gas grid allows for a very efficient utilisation of the generated energy. Commissioning for the dry fermentation is planned for end of 2018.


2017/12/06  - Bauer Kompost chooses Thöni for installation of dry fermentation

On the site of an existing composting facility near Bad Rappenau a Thöni dry fermentation plant will be installed with a net volume of 1,850 m³. After commissioning of the plant beginning of 2018 around 13 Mio. kWh of energy will be produced annually from 25,000 t of green waste and municipal bio-waste.


2017/04/10 - Membrane plant complements Thöni plant in Frankfurt (GER)

After Thöni was awarded for extending the dry fermentation plant in Frankfurt at the site of RMB, also Friedrich Vorwerk has been awarded for supplying the biogas upgrading plant. By order of Mainova AG a membrane plant will be installed for 600 m³/h of biogas to generate around 30 GWh of biomethane annually from municipal bio-waste. Commissioning is planned for early 2018


2016/12/22 – First biogas upgrading pant for Friedrich Vorwerk in Switzerland

Shortly before end of the year Friedrich Vorwerk was awarded by the the Swiss gas and energy company Energie 360° to build a biogas upgrading plant based on membrane technology. The plant in Uzwil (CH) will have a capacity of 350 m³/h of biogas from municipal bio-waste. The scope of supply includes external gas storage with 300 m³, raw biogas pre-conditioning, membrane separation and product gas odorization. Commissioning is planned for end of 2017.


2016/12/08 – Thöni announced as project partner for biowaste digestion in Hawaii

Thöni is partner of BioEnergy Hawaii LLC for the new biowaste digestion project on Big Island. The planned waste management centre at the location of Waikoloa intends to use the most modern waste management processes for treatment of different waste streams.

The first phase will treat around 200t of municipal waste per day. Recyclables will be separated and reused. The organic fraction will be used for biogas production in a Thöni TTV high solids digester. The generated biogas will be upgraded to biomethane and fed into the local gas grid or used directly as vehicle fuel.


2016/10/18 – Another Thöni plant near Frankfurt

Thöni has been awarded for the expansion of the plant at the location of RMB Rhein-Main Biokompost GmbH. A new TVV high solids digester with a net-volume of 1300m³ will be integrated into the existing site. Commissioning of the plant is planned for summer of 2017.  The total waste treatment capacity of the digester and the composting will be doubled by then from now 40.000 to 80.000 t/a.