From the initial idea to project supervision. We are supporting you.

Projects in the fields of environmental engineering and renewable energies are quite exciting but can be very complex at the same time. Several years may go by from the initial idea to project implementation. General conditions and technical options are usually not very specific at the beginning and need to be further developed. Within this process the development of a sound concept is key because any further steps will build upon this concept. We our professional support during all phases of your project.


Areas: Biogas Generation, Biogas Upgrading, Effluent Treatment, Waste Treatment  


The objective of the pre-study is transforming the initial idea into a concept. Within the study, the available information is compiled and evaluated regarding task and objective. It also indicates which additional information is required for the subsequent project phases.


The result of the pre-study is a concept for the technical implementation of the project with regard to the defined objective.

Feasibility Study

Areas: Biogas Generation, Biogas Upgrading, Effluent Treatment, Waste Treatment  


The feasibility study further defines the existing concept in order to verify the implementation of the project. Technical, economical and legal conditions are analysed for this purpose and put in context with the concept.


Required amendments are developed from this analysis and evaluated within the study. This also provides the opportunity of gathering information not yet available, for example detailed data about possible input materials.

Bidder Comparison

Areas: Biogas Generation, Biogas Upgrading, Effluent Treatment


A bidder comparison should be carried out in preparation of awarding the technical installations required for the realisation of the project. The comparison provides transparency regarding technical characteristics and commercial conditions.


Basis for the comparison are detailed inquiry specifications reflecting the task and objective of the project. The same applies for the evaluation of the proposals with the goal of a specific recommendation. Alternatively, the advantages and disadvantages are presented transparently to make a joint decision.   

Project Development

Areas: Areas: Biogas Generation, Biogas Upgrading, Effluent Treatment, Waste Treatment  


The term “project development” has a wide meaning and is not very specific. For us, it starts with the initial idea of the project up to the completion of the contract between the participating parties. We are also pleased to get involved at a later stage, for example when the feasibility of the project has been proven. Typical tasks of the project development subsequent to the feasibility study are:

  • Identification and connection of possible project partners
  • Verification and improvement of technical concept
  • Examination of additional revenue streams
  • Preparation of profitability assessments
  • Support for preparation of financing models
  • Permission planning incl. external engineering services and reports
  • Support for drafting and negotiating contracts with regard to plant engineering, technical service and maintenance, gas delivery and gas take-off

Project Management Support

Areas: Biogas Generation, Biogas Upgrading, Effluent Treatment


Our involvement does not end with signing of contracts. We also offer our support for the project management. The focus of our support is the adherence to delivery dates and compliance with further contractual conditions. This includes the support of approvals, for example factory acceptance at the manufacturer, third party inspection on-site and final acceptance.